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Adolescents & Social Media

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The American Psychological Association's presidential panel has released recommendations for adolescents' use of social media. While acknowledging the potential benefits of these platforms for socialization, the panel emphasizes the importance of social media literacy training to ensure balanced, safe, and meaningful experiences. The panel suggests that social media's impact on youth varies due to differences in maturity levels, making instruction in safe and healthy usage necessary. The panel's 10 recommendations aim to guide educators, parents, policymakers, mental health practitioners, technology companies, and youths themselves. The report highlights the need for psychological competencies and periodic training to mitigate harm and maximize benefits. It also emphasizes the importance of tailoring social media use to developmental capabilities and minimizing exposure to harmful content. Monitoring, limiting usage, and addressing specific risks such as discrimination and cyberbullying are among the report's recommendations. The panel acknowledges the need for further research and data access to better understand the effects of social media on diverse populations. The APA intends to stay vigilant in safeguarding youth and promoting positive aspects of social media while adapting to the evolving landscape.

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