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Through an academic assessment, our evaluation will help identify how the child learns best in regard to their strengths and weaknesses. We offer coaching and support, working closely with the patient, their family, and their educational institution. 

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Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and Section 504 Plan Assessments/Meetings

In collaboration with teachers, school counselors, and other practical personnel involved with your child we help schedule a school Individualized Education Plan (IEP)/504 meetings to insure measurable goals and objectives and receive services and accommodations based on your child’s unique needs. Through open lines of communication during the IEP process with the parent, they will be an equal part of the educational team.

Educational Consultation/School Collaboration

To understand and meet the special needs of a child with a range of disabilities, we will maintain strong communication with teachers, special educators from multiple disciplines, and parents as we observe the child in varying learning or social settings to experience firsthand, authentic interaction with the child’s environment.

Educational Consultation for Gifted and Talented Students (GATE/SEMINAR program)

For students which possess unique intellectual talents that require a different curriculum and more enriching opportunities, we can serve as educational consultants.

Student/Parent Coaching

To optimize learning strategies and self-advocacy, we can help students with organizational skills, study habits, time-managing strategies, note-taking, and test preparation through student coaching. Through parent coaching we will place the parent in the student’s position and help parents learn strategies that can develop their child’s strengths and mitigate his or her weaknesses.

Classroom Observations/School-Based Therapy & Behavior Support

We can work with students in the school setting to better target problem behavior, find appropriate behavioral substitutions, and implement an intervention plan. Furthermore, we can recommend school based occupational therapy.

Social Skills Training

In order to address and correct presenting difficulties of children, adolescents, and teenagers with relating to others, social skills training is an effective form of behavioral therapy.

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