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La Jolla Psychology Center (LJPC) is a multi-modal practice consisting of a team of psychologists, psychoanalysts, marriage and family therapists. We take an integrative, eclectic approach and are dedicated to serving the mental health needs of our community. We provide individual, tailored treatment for each person's unique needs. Our mission is to help improve patients' lives by providing the highest quality of psychological services, including neurocognitive, psychological and academic assessments, child, adolescent and family therapy, and adult individual and couples therapy. As a diverse team, LJPC is deeply committed to cultural sensitivity, social justice, and systemic practices and doing our part in contributing to a more inclusive and positive community. We are dedicated to the exploration of human behaviors, beliefs, and emotions, in order to improve overall mental state. Our offices strive to promote an environment of mutual respect, transparency, and an appreciation for culture and diversity in order to build strong interpersonal connections. For further information, explore our site or reach out by phone to speak to us directly.

La Jolla Psychology Center is proud to announce its association with the La Jolla Child Development Center. Their specialized team of clinicians focus on providing dedicated services to children and adolescents in our communities. Our areas of expertise range from accurate identification of central nervous system dysfunctions and developmental disabilities including but not limited to: intellectual and learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders, pediatric neuropsychological services, and mood disorders in young children and adolescents focusing on a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Our assessments take into consideration age, education, and culture, and we provide state of the art science and evidence-based measures for each individual patient. As appropriate, we strive to work closely with patients’ families and professionals. We are also sensitive to providing services dealing with the post-pandemic reality and working through the challenges of re-entering society and schools for children and adolescence. We are aware of the newfound anxieties occurring in children and their families during and coming out of COVID, and we are equipped to assist in a recovery process as we adapt to our new reality.

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